About Soldier_1stClass

Soldier_1stClass is a popular Final Fantasy YouTuber and JRPG Fan! His YouTube channel just recently hit 10.6K Members of the Ranks of Soldier! Such a amazing achievement! Both Ky and Vyzz want to say a HUGE thank you to Soldier for being able to join as a guest on The Reunion: An FFVIIR Podcast and shed some light on the impact of the leaks on the content creator community! Soldier_1stClass would like to say thanks for joining him on this mission! Together, we can restore the Shinra Army back to its former glory. With the Ranks of Soldier by his side, there's no obstacle we can't tackle. To join the Ranks of Soldier, subscribe to his channel, and ring that notification bell.

He's Soldier_1stClass, and he's on to the next mission, later guys!

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