Episode 010

Inside FFVII Remake, New Screens, Japanese TVCMs, and Road to PS5! | Episode #010


March 24th, 2020

2 hrs 28 mins 58 secs

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About this Episode

Welcome back to The Reunion: An FFVIIR Podcast!

In this episode, Ky and Vyzz break down the recently released "Inside FFVII Remake: Episode 1" documentary, while giving their opinions on the new scenes featured in the video! During the first segment, they also talk about the Square Enix news article featuring new character keyart for some new and old FFVII characters, screenshots from Wall Market, and more! During the second segment, Ky and Vyzz have a (spoiler-free!) discussion about the Japanese TVCMs, Sony's Road to PS5 event, and how the PS5 may impact the future parts of the FFVIIR series! At the end of the episode they discuss Amazon shipment woes, E3 cancellation, and the rear boxart for the NA version of the game. As always, thanks so much for listening and sticking with us to the end! Only two weeks left to enter for the Digital Deluxe Edition GIVEAWAY!! If you haven't already, please check the details section of the episode on how to enter! Stay safe and healthy, kupo!

Special thanks to Lily Arciniega for the music in this episode!
Featured track: Final Fantasy VII - Those Who Fight Further (Cover/Remake)
Song Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vX3s3d1Ur74
YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/LilyArciniega

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