Ky (Rob Pretty) has been playing video games for as long as he can remember. Growing up, he was an avid gamer, playing as many games as possible on as many consoles as he could! As a kid, he most frequently played sidescrolling platformers, that is until he was introduced to Final Fantasy 7 in 1997. This game exposed Ky to a whole new world of video games; RPGs and JRPGs. He fell in love with FF7; it's characters, story, and fully realized world provided an escape from his, at times, not so enjoyable reality. Upon the announcement of FF7 Remake, Ky reached out to Vyzz, the creator of the Cosmo Canyon Observatory YouTube channel, in hopes to create a long-form podcast dedicated to the most anticipated video game of all time. Each episode of The Reunion: An FFVIIR Podcast features interesting discussions about various topics, recently released info/news, along with community interaction, voice actor/content creator interviews, and much more!

kyr0sis (Rob Pretty) has hosted 37 Episodes.